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Read my strange but true story...

Hi there, this is Vince Del Monte, and I’m really excited that you grabbed this report because you probably want to know why my strange but true story has anything to do with you.

You see, if you told me 10 years ago that I would become a muscle-building expert and author, I would have rolled my eyes and said, “Whatever...”


First off, I used to be nicknamed “Skinny Vinny” all through high school. I mean I was 149 pounds at 6 feet tall. I was weak, scrawny, a pushover around guys, and awkward with girls.

I was the guy who went unnoticed in the room and hated taking my shirt off at the pool or beach, especially when I went to university and ended up becoming roommates with a bunch of the biggest and most ripped guys on campus.

I’ll tell you about my buff and ripped college buddies in a moment...

The worst thing about being skinny is that no one cares! I felt like I was a part of the “Skinny Silent Society” (I just made that term up) and wasn’t allowed to complain. What people didn’t know was that I suffered just like the overweight dude at the beach who was afraid to take his shirt off. Whether you are too skinny or too chubby, I know your pain.

If it wasn’t for my father, who introduced me and my two younger brothers to the world of long distance running, I don’t know how I would have survived the embarrassment and insecurity I suffered from being so damn skinny.

Fortunately, I became very fast at long and middle distance running and found my identity as one of those lean, mean, running machines.

I ran competitively from the age of 14 until my college eligibility ran out at 22.

I had just finished a four year Kinesiology Degree (health sciences) at the University of Western Ontario, and it was time to enter the real world.

After living with these guys, you can imagine how badly I wanted to have everything they had.

Girls. Power. Recognition. Confidence. Pride. Respect. And they were pretty darned fit too...

And it was all because of the MUSCLE.

But my luck was about to change...

I met my Skinny Guy Savior, a natural pro-bodybuilder, from my church (of all places), who took me under his wing.

I told him about the training program I was following from Muscle and Fitness, and he laughed. He told me to burn all my fitness magazines, and to stop wasting my money on supplements. But the best advice he gave me was, “Stop over-killing your muscles...”

I started eating and training exactly how he told me.

I had no idea how big and muscular I could get, but after the first month I had gained 20 pounds of lean muscle mass!

I landed a date with the hottest Italian brunette at my gym! My buddies couldn’t believe how fast I had changed, right before their eyes. My Mom thought I was on steroids and started saying, “Don’t get any bigger...” No one was calling me “Skinny Vinny” anymore.

Over the course of six months I went from a 149 pound scrawny distance runner to 190 pounds of solid muscle, with around 10% body fat. I wasn’t the biggest guy in the gym but I literally felt like a new man. I felt unstoppable.

That was around the same time my personal training career started to explode....

Just like you, I wanted everything I thought I couldn’t have.

All the trainers at my gym quickly labeled me as the “the transformation specialist,” because I was working with guys and gals, young and old, beginners and athletes, who also started getting near-perfect bodies after using the same system my Savior shared with me.

I was happy making decent money working at the gym, and because of the new muscle on my body I was feeling great and I was confident in any situation. I became “the fitness guy” in my group of friends, and I found a new identity in my new body.

Skinny Vinny was dead and Vin-Sanity was alive! That was the nickname I earned from a trainer at my gym after we trained together.

I had no interest in writing a book or making a website. I was pretty happy just servicing the 40+ clients I had at my local gym, but my clients, friends and fellow trainers kept bugging me to make my system available to the world.

I finally gave in and launched No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain in May 2006. I have sold more than 30,000 copies of my book to customers in more than 120 different countries!

I continued to be one of the most sought out fitness professionals in my area, a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health Magazine, and an Advisory Member for Maximum Fitness Magazine.

I’m also a regular contributor to dozens of online and o$ine magazines. In 2005, I ventured into the fitness-modeling world and won the Canadian Fitness Model Champion- ships. In June 2008, I competed again and placed 3rd at the World Fitness Model Championships.

As of today, as per, a site that ranks all the top programs in the world, No- Nonsense Muscle Building is the number one book on the Internet. Who would have ever thought, eh?

I say “eh” a lot since I’m Canadian. A few interesting things about me: I grew up in a very strong, faith-based home, have a huge Italian family, love to travel, watch loads of movies, listen to lots of house music, and have a massive business and fitness library of books.

Over the past six years I’ve fallen in love with the NATURAL bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle, and continue to practice what I preach. I am always releasing new programs and systems to give you a brand new body and brand new life.

I’m blessed to have discovered my higher calling as a fitness professional who services the skinny guy and gal, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did – mistakes that many guys and gals are still making today. I really want to shortcut your journey to success and get you a near-perfect body in the next few months.

So that’s my story. I look forward to being a part of your “story.”

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Vince Del Monte


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